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Before a grade can be submitted for a graduate directed project for second semester teams, the team must submit TWO copies of a CD/DVD to its mentor.

Mentors must submit a project completion form, signed by both the mentor and the client, to the CS graduate director.  Students will not be able to graduate unless this form is submitted.

Mentors may use the final presentation evaluation form to list grade requirements after the final presentation during each semester.

Each team member must also submit a team evaluation form. Follow the guidelines below in preparing your CD/DVD.


The CD/DVD should contain at least the following:
-- Final versions of all worksheets you completed at the beginning of the project.
-- Your FINAL database design (if you used a database): The ER model of your database design, along with a verbal description of the entities, attributes, and relationships.
-- A copy of the code behind your project, properly commented.
-- A copy of slides, handouts, and any other materials used in each of your presentations.
-- Copies of any documentation, including user's guides, tutorials, technical documentation.
-- Documentation of visits with clients, including user stories and minutes of all meetings with client.
-- Other supporting materials for your project.
-- A file named index.html or StartHere.docx with clear instructions for how to begin. This is the file the user will open first. This document should contain clear instructions for installing and running your application, including any login or password information that is needed -- or it should direct the user to a location where such instructions can be found.  This file MUST be in the root directory of the CD/DVD.

The contents of your CD/DVD may vary depending on the nature of your project. Check with your mentor if you have questions.
Contents of CD/DVD must be organized so that it is easy to navigate and to find desired materials.


CDs/DVDs must be labeled with the information listed here. The label must be on the CD/DVD itself; it doesn't have to be fancy -- you can write the information with a marker pen -- but it must contain all the information described here.
-- Name of team/project (Movie, Art, TESS, etc.).
-- Term submitted (Spring 2012 for example).


Your project must be installed on your client's machine and running properly before a final grade can be determined.  Your client must approve the application and confirm that all project materials have been delivered to them before your final grade can be determined.