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Guidelines for Project Presentations
Graduate Directed Project

For each Graduate Directed Project, four presentations are required

Presentation guidelines

Tips for your presentation

Be honest!  If someone asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, the correct response is “I don’t know.”

Have a strong beginning and a strong ending.  You are in charge of the question and answer session following your presentation.  After the question and answer session, thank your committee members for coming and end the session.  It is your responsibility to end the session.

Speak slowly.

In response to a question, if several team members begin to respond at the same time, stop!  Only one person should be speaking at a time.

All team members must participate in the presentation, but the time does not have to be divided equally.

Make eye contact with everyone in the audience.

Don’t try to memorize or read your presentation.  Instead, practice for a smooth, polished presentation.  Practice timing and delivery.

You may bring handouts to your presentation.  This is advisable if you have slides that are difficult to read – ER models for example.

After the presentation

Following your presentation, your committee will meet privately and provide additional feedback to your mentor. Your mentor will schedule a meeting with you to share this feedback.